E3 2012

Upon experiencing the excitement that is E3, Ted got a little trigger happy today. Any game that Ted is usually involved in usually ends up stuffed and mounted on his wall but today was a new experience for him. E3, the comicon of videogames, goes on for three days ($30-$40 million dollars in revenue for CA) in which most of the year’s top games are announced and demo’d. Today, Teddy was working for Ubisoft.One of the most hyped-up games at the convention was Assassin’s Creed III in which the main character fights off the British during the Revolutionary War. Ted has never been so excited.Tekken and Square-EnixThere were more TV’s here than Times Square to showcase all the new games and products.Constantly at the Ubisoft area, there were demos for Just Dance 4, “The best selling dance game of all time”. Dancers came out, sometimes in neon, and danced their asses off. The Rick Astley dancer was by far the best…

Oh, you know. Just a 30 foot tall rotating Sonic the Hedgehog.Apparently there is a videogame called Lollipop Chainsaw Girl…Trekkies got to pose with girls for the first time in their lives.“No cameras allowed”. Let me just tell you it is ridiculous.EA had the most visually stunning area at E3. Those are small TVs under the large TVs that are attached to a screen that is being projected on by god knows how many projectors.Disney’s booth was handing out rabbit ears with people’s names sewn into them. Just another piece of high quality swag at E3.Plugged in…Ted got to go up into the Assassin’s Creed III VIP Interview room to shoot an interview with Janina Gavankar, a True Blood actress. The room was a hidden log-cabin recreation. It looked like the house Ted was born in.This guy I work with, Jackson, got to shoot a tv bit for The Jimmy Kimmel Show and the amazing Guillermo, who was all decked out in Revolution garb.At the Ubisoft booth they had all of their upcoming game trailers playing on the big screen. Many people looked up and left but EVERY TIME the Assassin’s Creed III trailer was on, people would look up, stop dead in their tracks and lose all sense of time and space. When it was over, they went on with their E3 experience as changed men (almost all men).


Teddy was experimenting with the new HDR feature on the mark iii and boy was he impressed. He went to an old park he used to attend as a child called “Mud Park” where he and many other kids got to play all summer in the mud. Back before parents were insane and kids got to actually do stuff, you got to build forts with actual wood and nails.

For those new to HDR it stands for High Dynamic Range. Basically the camera takes three different pictures: One under exposed, one at proper exposure, and one over exposed. This creates an image that has the brightest brights and the darkest darks of all three. In some cases the picture looks more like a painting than real life.